Iceland farm work

Iceland farm work

We are always looking for people interested in farm work. Our farm placements are all around Icelan on a great variety of farms . Hello We are looking for a workaway now to work with horses.

Family on a small farm in the North East side of Iceland 🙂 Country: Iceland . We are a family of and run a horse farm in Iceland. The work was inspiring every day, since all the horses were genuinly happy. Answer of 8: Hello 🙂 My name is Marina.

A friend and I (we are both 19) want to work on a farm in Iceland. I wanted to see if there was a person here that would be interested in a job that my father and mother are offering on their farm . I have heard many people doing seasonal work on farms in Iceland as a way of traveling and seeing the country. Does anyone know anything about finding farm . Hello, My boyfriend and I are currently working in Reykjanesbær, we came in Iceland weeks ago.

As it is just a summer job and we love the. Work in Iceland on a Farm Reykjavik forum. Find to your questions in the Reykjavik forum. Blogs, pictures, forum Reykjavik on .

The work includes various tasks helping to prepare for the summer season, such as. We are a family of and live on a beautiful farm in southwest Iceland. Ninukot Offers Seasonal Or Short Term Work In Iceland All Year Round. You can choose from working on a farm milking cows or gathering hay, meet people .