Paulownia kawakamii

Paulownia kawakamii, commonly known as the Sapphire dragon tree, is a tree species in the Paulowniaceae family. The tree is native to Taiwan, eastern China, . Paulownia kawakamii (Sapphire Dragon Tree) – Paulownia kawakamii is a fast growing deciduous tree to to feet tall from Taiwan and southern China.

Paulownia kawakamii, the Sapphire Dragon Tree. Other Species: There are species in the paulownia genus. Paulownia kawakamii and over 10other quality seeds for sale. Paulownia kawakamii, commonly known as the Sapphire dragon .

While doing some more cold hardy palm research, I came across some info on Paulownia Trees, aka Paulownia kawakamii aka Empress Tree . Learn more about the Sapphire dragon tree – with amazing Sapphire dragon tree photos and facts on Arkive. In April 20we bought a tree which was sold to us as a Sapphire dragon, but which we established was a Paulownia kawakamii. Photo Locations: Stanfor CA, San Marcos Growers – Santa Barbara, CA and Cal Poly State University – San Luis . Paulownia kawakamii Sapphire Dragon Tree Up for bid are seeds of the beautiful Paulownia kawakamii. This tree grows extremely rapidly, and it can reach .