Philodendron rugosum

Philodendron rugosum Bogner G. Bunting, Philodendron ruguson Naugahyde philodendron, Pig Skin philodendron and other exotic and rare tropical plants . Philodendron rugosum is a species of plant in the Araceae family.

Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. Filodendron (Philodendron Schott) – rodzaj roślin z rodziny obrazkowatych, obejmujący ponad 7gatunków. Philodendron rugosum, (NT) bliski zagrożenia. Jest to pnącze o dużych i bardzo grubych liściach. Philodendron rugosum is a real must for all plant enthusiastics.

Additional information about this plant will become available later. Thumbnail #of Philodendron rugosum by UlfEliasson; Thumbnail #of Philodendron rugosum by giancarlo; Thumbnail #of Philodendron rugosum by . Ecuador Plants Red List Authority). Location Map for Philodendron rugosum (Pigskin Philodendron) – Map Locations Found Click a marker pin or a green plant ‘dot’ for details.