Tillandsia stricta

Distribution and habitat: Tillandsia stricta is native to Venezuela, Trinida Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, northern Argentina, growing either on . Tillandsia Stricta is an air plant variety. Sticta is commonly crossed with other popular varieties of air plants to produce vigorous, beautiful hybrids.

Learn about the Tillandsia Stricta, its origin, and how to care for this beautiful air plant. Shop air plants and terrariums from Air Plant Design Studio. The prototype clone for Tillandsia stricta has soft green leaves and grows a bright red bloom spike with bright blue flowers. Tillandsia stricta is one of the fastest .

Click thumbnails for full size, scaled to a new window. Tillandsia stricta Hard Leaf form. Once of the showiest clump-forming airplants, upright airplant’s fine, light gray-green foliage nests the coral-pink flowering bracts in early . Tillandsia stricta is a very common tillandsia, and for good reason.

It is easy to grow – tolerating various growth conditions, is fast growing and . Stricta Hybrid leaves are curve velvety, and a light green. When in bloom, this species sprouts pastel pink flowers. Buy retail or wholesale air plants online.

Tillandsia stricta is a species in the genus Tillandsia.

This species is native to South America and Trinidad. Two varieties are recognized: Tillandsia stricta var. Tillandsia stricta ‘Hard Leaf Form’ is a plant well adapted to a wide variety of areas and growing conditions.

It is native to Venezuela, Trinida Suriname, . Tillandsia stricta (Planta Brutt video 26) English. PlantaBrutt Your specialist for Tillandsias and. Tillandsia stricta är en gräsväxtart som beskrevs av Daniel Carl Solander och Ker Gawl.

Tillandsia stricta ingår i släktet Tillandsia och familjen Bromeliaceae. Tillandsia stricta, es una especie de planta epífita dentro del género Tillandsia, perteneciente a la familia de las bromeliáceas. Tillandsia stricta (Upright Air Plant) is an evergreen, clump-forming, short-stemme perennial with leaves arranged into thick rosettes. A beautiful smaller form of Stricta getting about 3-inches tall with showy and colorful flowers.

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